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Welcome to PageBBQ! We are happy you are here. Our service allows you to create and share your webpage with the content you wish to publish to the public. By accessing and using PageBBQ, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use. Please review these terms carefully.

Acceptance of Terms

By creating an account and using the services provided by PageBBQ, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with any of these terms, please do not use this site.

Service Description

PageBBQ provides a platform for users to create webpages, which can be customized and used to share content publicly. Users are responsible for the content they publish and for complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

Your Account

You must be 18 or older to create a PageBBQ account or have consent if creating it for someone else. Keep your account details accurate and secure, and use your account in compliance with laws.

Your Username

Choose a username that's respectful and doesn't step on anyone else's legal rights, including trademarks or personal names. PageBBQ can require a change if your username causes issues or infringes on your rights.

Your Content - Permissions

You can post a wide range of content on PageBBQ if it adheres to community guidelines. You're in charge of your content, ensuring it's lawful, respectful of others' rights, and not misleading or harmful.

Your Content - Usage by PageBBQ

By posting content, you allow PageBBQ to use and showcase it across the globe for free. Although PageBBQ can use your content, you still own it, so be mindful of what you share publicly.

Our People's Content

You can share and view content created by other people through PageBBQ. However, PageBBQ isn't liable for other people's content. If you find inappropriate content, you can report it to us, and we'll take appropriate action.

Your Plan

You can sign up for either a free or paid PageBBQ plan and cancel anytime. Paid plans continue until the end of the billing cycle and might not be refundable except in specific early cancellation scenarios.

Our Fees

If you're on a paid plan, you'll pay regular subscription fees, which include taxes. PageBBQ will bill you as per your chosen schedule and may also deduct specific fees from transactions made on your profile.

Privacy & Data

PageBBQ cares about your privacy and handles personal data, as the Privacy Notice explains. You also agree to manage the data of your profile visitors as per the terms of the Data Processing Addendum.

Your Visitors & Customers

You're fully responsible for how visitors interact with your PageBBQ profile and for any business transactions that occur through it, including ensuring compliance with applicable laws regarding donations and sales.


If PageBBQ shares confidential info with you, you must keep it under wraps and protect it from being disclosed.


Got ideas? We'd love to hear them! If you test new features, remember they're just a peek at what might be coming up.


PageBBQ isn't liable for damages that may arise from your use of our platform or content. You're expected to back up your data and will hold PageBBQ harmless from any claims related to your content.


PageBBQ is offered as-is, without warranties. We don't guarantee continuous, error-free, or virus-free service, nor do we guarantee that all content is accurate or suitable.

Canceling Your Account

If you violate PageBBQ's terms, your account may be suspended or canceled. PageBBQ will attempt to resolve issues before taking such action, and you may not be entitled to a refund.

Updates to Our Service

Just like any growing platform, PageBBQ is constantly improving and changing. We'll give you a heads-up when there are significant updates to our terms. It's a good idea to check in for any news on how these changes might jazz up your experience. Not a fan of the new tune? You can always choose to take a bow and close your account. We're here to make sure your time with PageBBQ is a hit!


Local laws take precedence over these terms if there's a conflict, and these terms, with the privacy policy, represent the entire agreement between you and PageBBQ.

歡迎來到 PageBBQ!我們很高興您的加入。我們的服務允許您創建和分享您希望公開發布的網頁內容。通過訪問和使用 PageBBQ,您同意遵守並受以下使用條款和條件的約束。請仔細審查這些條款。


通過創建帳戶並使用 PageBBQ 提供的服務,您確認已閱讀、理解並同意受這些條款和條件的約束。如果您不同意這些條款中的任何一條,請不要使用本網站。


PageBBQ 為使用者提供創建網頁的平台,這些網頁可以自定義並用於公開分享內容。使用者需對他們發布的內容以及遵守所有適用的法律和法規負責。


您必須年滿 18 歲或以上才能創建 PageBBQ 帳戶,或在為他人創建帳戶時獲得同意。保持您的帳戶詳細信息準確並安全,並符合法律規定使用您的帳戶。


選擇一個尊重他人且不侵犯任何人的合法權利的使用者名,包括商標或個人名稱。如果您的使用者名引起問題或侵犯他人的權利,PageBBQ 擁有要求更改的權利並可能會要求您更改。

您的內容 - 授權

如果符合社區指南,您可以在 PageBBQ 上發布各種內容。您對您的內容負責,確保它合法、尊重他人的權利,並且不會誤導或傷害他人。

您的內容 - PageBBQ 的使用權利

通過 PageBBQ 發布內容,您允許 PageBBQ 在全球免費使用和幫助您展示它。儘管 PageBBQ 可以使用您的內容,您仍擁有它的所有權,因此請注意您公開分享的內容。


您可以分享和查看其他人發布內容。然而,PageBBQ 對其他人發布的內容不承擔任何責任,但是若您發現不適當的內容,您可以向我們反應,我們會進行相對應的處理。


您可以註冊免費或付費的 PageBBQ 方案,並隨時取消。付費方案將持續到計費周期結束,除非在特定的提前取消情況之外有可能不予退款。


如果您處於付費方案,您將支付定期的訂閱費用,其中包括稅款。PageBBQ 將按照您選擇的時間表向您收費,並可能從您的個人檔案上進行的交易中扣除特定費用。


PageBBQ 關心您的隱私,並按照隱私通知處理個人資料。您還同意根據資料處理附件的條款管理訪問您個人檔案的訪客的資料


您需對訪客如何與您的 PageBBQ 個人檔案互動以及通過它進行的任何商業交易全權負責,包括確保遵守適用的法律法規,涉及捐款和銷售等。


如果 PageBBQ 與您共享機密信息,您必須保密並保護它不被披露




PageBBQ 對由於您使用我們的平台或內容可能產生的損害不承擔責任。您應該備份您的資訊,並將 PageBBQ 免於與您的內容相關的任何索賠


PageBBQ 是按現狀提供,不附帶任何保證。我們不保證服務持續、無錯誤或無病毒,也不保證所有內容都是準確或適當的


如果您違反 PageBBQ 的條款,您的帳戶可能會被暫停或取消。PageBBQ 將嘗試在採取此類行動之前解決問題,然而您可能沒有辦法獲得退款


就像任何不斷發展的平台一樣,PageBBQ 持續進行改進和變革。當我們的條款有重大更新時,我們會提前通知您。定期查看最新消息是個好主意,了解這些變化如何為您的體驗增添新意。若是您不喜歡新的調整,您始終可以選擇退出並關閉您的帳戶。我們希望 PageBBQ 對您是有用的!


如果這些條款與當地法律有沖突,則當地法律優先。這些條款與隱私政策共同構成您與 PageBBQ 之間的整體協議。

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